Solomon Tekalign Interview with Tesfaye Wolde Head of Public Diplomacy (Ethiopan Embassy)

Tsenat Radio`s 7 year contribution of connecting diaspora community with government and its national agendas, with the people and a pioneer contribution of Tsenat Radio has been covered. 



Tsenat Radio Interview with Investor Dawit G/Egziabeher


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Ethiodemocracy May 21/2016 - Ethiopian Airlines has won the African Airline of the Year 2016 Award. The award was presented to the airline on May 11 at the 25th Air Finance Africa Conference & Exhibition and African Aviation Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to the press release of the airline, Ethiopian was presented the award in recognition of its financial performance, fleet modernization, route network expansion, in-flight service, overall customer care and outstanding contribution to aviation development in Africa.  While presenting the award, African Aviation CEO Nick Fadugba said Ethiopian Airlines continues to set the pace through its tangible…
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Ethiodemocracy May 31 2016 - Three more of dozens of Ethiopian kids who were abducted by armed Murle gunmen from South Sudan were flown to Gambella on Tuesday. Including 75 brought back earlier, the number of children rescued so far has reached 78. Meanwhile, the future of 17 of the returnees who happen to be orphans has been agreed upon. According our staff reporter in Gambella, the local elders' proposal for the kids not to be isolated from their communities has been accepted by both the federal and regional governments. Accordingly, the kids will be growing up in their respective…
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Ethiodemocracy May 14 - 2016 - Egypt is the most powerful country in Africa according to an index that has just been released by the Global Firepower (GFP) that measures a government’s military strength. Out of 30 African countries the GFP has been able to determine that Egypt as the leading country in Africa in military power and 12 out of 126 countries in the world. Egypt has the manpower, equipment which covers the air, land, naval power and the petroleum to sustain its army among other factors. Second in line is Algeria, followed by Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.…
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updates... ከደቡብ ሱዳን በመጡ  የሙርሌ  ታጣቂዎች ከጋምቤላ  ታፍነው የተወሰዱ  ህፃናትን የማስመለሱ  ጥረት አካል የሆነው ስብሰባ ነው ሁለቱ ሀገራት በጋምቤላ እየመከሩበት ያለው።በጉባኤው የኢፌዲሪ  መከላከያ ሚንስትሩ ሲራጅ  ፈጌሳ በተገኙበት የጋምቤላው ርዕሰ መስተዳድርና የደቡብ ሱዳን ቡማ  ግዛት አስተዳዳሪ   ባባ ሜዳ ታፍነው በተወሰዱ  ህፃናት  የማስመለሱ ሂደት  ላይ ሪፖርት አቅርበዋል።በጉባኤው ላይ  ያልተመለሱ  ቀሪ  ህፃናትና ከብቶች በአፋጣኝ እንዲምለሱ ተጠይቋል።ሁለቱ ሀገሮች ህፃናቱንና ክብቶችን ከማስመለስ ጎን ለጎን  ወንጀለኞች ተላልፈው  እንዲሰጡም መግባባት ላይ ተደርሷል።የደቡብ ሱዳን ቡማ  ግዛት አስተዳዳሪ   ባባ ሜዳ  በበኩላቸው ቀሪ  ህፃናቱ ያሉበት ቦታ ተለይቶ መታወቁንና የመመለሱ ሀላፊነት ሙሉ ለሙሉ በደቡብ ሱዳን እንዲተው ጠይቀዋል።በዝናብ ምክንያት የተፈጠረው የትራፖርት ችግር በጉባኤው እልባት ሲሰጠው የሚመለሱም  ይሆናልም ተብሏል።  ሁለቱ  ሀገሮች እስካሁን ባድረጉት…
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Ethiodemocracy 11 May 2016 - State Minister Ambassador Taye Atske-silassie received copies of credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of South Sudan, James Pitia Morga on Wednesday. On the occasion, the two sides discussed ways of strengthening existing bilateral relations. Ambassador James Pita Morga noted South Sudan is keen to work with Ethiopia in areas of promoting peace and stability in the region. Ambassador Taye also said the two countries have enjoyed common understanding for many years now. He said Ethiopia has demonstrated its strong commitment in the efforts of bringing back peace and stability to South Sudan. Also on…

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