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EPRDF Council begins evaluating past six months performance

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Addis Ababa, 23 March 2014 (WIC) – The Council of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has begun its regular session not only to evaluate government and party past six months’ key performances but also to pass directions of major focus areas for the coming six months.

According to a press release the Office of EPRDF Council sent to WIC, the Council has evaluated major performances in some key areas in its Sunday session.

EPRDF Council found that rural development army building in first half of this Ethiopian fiscal year is so fruitful, it stated.

The effective development army building enabled to ensure the participation of more than 18 million people in natural resource conservation and led 3, 358 community irrigations to be utilized.

The Council also indicated that 260.4 thousand hectares of land has enclosed for rehabilitation and 67.5 million seedlings have planted in an area of 43, 830 hectares through integrated irrigation.

Recalling the plan to expand traditional and modern irrigation systems to 3.1 million this fiscal year, the Council found the performance of past six months so encouraging; and emphasized to further strengthen it.

“There is good performance in husbandry particularly in breeding better species and animal health services in the past six months,” the press release pin pointed, adding that “the need to give special attention to the sector so as to further benefit the farmers and pastoralists.”
In connection to job creation, the Council evaluated better recital in designing transparent plan, identifying job seekers, listing down job opportunities and providing trainings in all rural areas, WIC learnt.

Realizing the creation of more than one million jobs for the youth in the past six months, the Council has decided to strengthen efforts in creating more jobs in the second half of this budget year.
With slight difference from region to region, there is a better development army building in cities including at the federal level, the Council said, there are good presentations in construction, urban agriculture, trading and manufacturing sectors.
There are also good feats in the Education sector, the press release indicated, adding that efforts exerted to attain both coverage and quality of education so far is also encouraging.

The Council stressed that there is needed to further strengthen efforts so as to ensure the quality of education.

Having recognized better performances in the health sector as well, the Council emphasized consolidating performances to minimize maternal and child deaths.

The Council also said that the efforts exerted in identifying good governance problems, designing plans in various levels, and holding various public forums are positive developments and good beginnings.

According to the press release, the government gives due attention to realize the thriving of developmental political economy over rent-seeking political economy.

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