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Executive Council Decides to Take Measures to Ensure Rule of Law, Public Benefit

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Ethiodemocracy Adiss Ababa (30 December 2017) - The Executive Committee of EPRDF that has been deliberating for the past two weeks on current and  national affairs decided that the government should to take full responsibility to ensure rule of law and benefit of the public.

The Committee said the government need to take full responsibility in bringing activities that could undermine the safety and security of the public under control in collaboration with the public.

 Illegal activities such as closing roads, hindering the free movement of people, and other actions that could undermine any activities of  individuals and groups will be stopped, it said.

 The Committee has also decided to stop the death and displacement of people caused by conflicts related to administrative border demarcation or other issues and to facilitate the situation for their rehabilitation.

 Decision has also passed to control   that cause conflicts such as controband trade and to provide protection and support for farmers and pastoralists to enable them continue their economic activities.

 It has also decided that each of the four national parties to undertake in-depth appraisal at the top leadership level and take corrective measures based on transparency and accountability to ensure interparty democracy.

 The Committee that noted the benefits of the federal system in ensuring equality and development evaluated the disparity observed in development activities among places.

 Noting the successes gained so far in the economic frontiers, the Committee underlined the need to continue the struggle against poverty, since quarter of the population is still living in poverty.

 Evaluated the efforts exerted to address public queries and their outcome, the Committee decided to make on-going reform activities aimed to address public queries successful.

 It has set directions to undertake successive activities that would ensure the participation of the public particularly the youth in the democratization process.

 The Committee has also decided to work in collaboration with the public, and political parties to address limitation in democracy building.

 It also decided to widen the political space and facilitate the situation for civic societies and professional associations to play their role in the democratization process.

 The Committee has decided to protect actions that violate human and democratic rights and to take additional measures that would help to protect these rights.

 The Committee that discuss on the manner of the media at federal and regional levels in disseminating information about conflicts, noted that stories that were instigate conflict and promote hate have been disseminated.

 The Executive Committee that concluded its meeting on Friday decided to take measures to end the dissemination of such kind of message by the media. (ENA)

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